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Affordable Website packages

We believe in providing awesome service for a fair price.  All of our Website & Hosting packages are fully customizable to perfectly fit your needs.  

Super fast & REliable

Utilizing top-tier datacenters, GoMax provides incredibly fast and dependable hosting for your website.

Firewalled & Encrypted

Maintain Peace of Mind knowing that your website is firewall protected and secured end-to-end with SSL.

Ubuntu & plesk

Our hosting environments use the industry leading Ubuntu operating system coupled with the Plesk hosting platform.


Did we mention that our goal is to be affordable? Stop paying the premiums at AWS, Azure or Google cloud.

Lets get started

Don’t sweat the small stuff!  GoMax will tailor the best package for you, sparing you from dealing with the technical jargon.  

Please select a suitable package that fits your budget and requirements from below.  During our consultation call, we will fine tune the package requirements as needed.

Personal & Start-ups

Super Affordable


Perfect for personal websites, or promotional and brochure style websites.

Small Business

Our Most Popular


Suitable for businesses not requiring an online store to sell products.

Online Store

Sell Products & Services


Required if you want to sell your products online and accept credit card payments.

Looking for a great place to host your WordPress website? 

Talk to us about how awesome our service is for WordPress hosting.  Not only will we maintain your website by keeping up on all the security updates, we will also monitor the uptime and take pro-active steps to ensure it is always online and available to your visitors.  

All hosting accounts include the Plesk control panel on an Ubuntu server.

Frequently asked questions

Not to worry, simply contact-us through the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the page, or by clicking any of the ‘Get Started’ buttons and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

Definitely not.  If you are just inquiring about what your options are and what can be done, we are here to help.  

There is no commitment right now, and we wont even be asking for your credit card or payment details at this stage. 

Although we dont have any fixed term lengths, we are confident that you will love our approach to websites and will stay with us forever.

You are free to leave at any point though, but please give us a heads up first so that we can talk about why your leaving – chances are we can change your mind.

We have more FAQ’s located here.

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