Maximize Potential With Social Media Advertisements

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is one of the latest and greatest forms of online marketing for businesses. Our team here at GoMax Website Solutions will research and discover the target audience your company is catering towards. With this information and audience defined, we will then use Facebook and Instagram as a placement for the ads. These ads will utilize pictures or videos in order to catch the viewers eye and have them checkout your product and business.

Common Issues Your Business May Be Facing

Most businesses, small and large, are not utilizing social media to either promote themselves or generate new leads. This is due to a lack of knowledge in the power of social media within today's society, or simply not having the time to learn and maintain social media for their business. By not using social media properly, there is a lot of money being left on the table that your business needs in order to scale up and grow larger than your competitors.

If your business is already on social media and you believe you don't need our service, here is a list to check in order to determine if you are using social media properly:
  1. Low engagement on posts (Likes, Comments and Shares)
  2. Low page followers
  3. Zero to low website click through rates from page and posts
  4. Zero to low leads and sales derived from social media page

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There is two different major styles of benefiting from social media marketing.
  1. Increased sales and incoming leads.
  2. This is your direct Return On Investment (ROI) that every business recognizes and needs to capitalize on to create a profit. Along with all forms of marketing, it is an investment. By narrowing the viewership of the advertisements to the most defined target audience possible, we will be able to maximize the return on your investment by generating the greatest amount of leads for the lowest cost possible.
  3. Increased online and social presence.
  4. Many business owners get caught up in the numbers of a direct ROI, but forget how important their online presence is for generating leads and sales. Although you can not see the direct ROI, you do see the increase of engagement (likes, comments, shares and follows) on your social media pages. This is considered your Social Return On Investment. Some benefits of increasing your social online presence is the credibility and customer service factors that come into play when trying to close new leads on a sale. If a new, cold customer stumbles across your social media page and is interested in your product or company, but notices you only have a few engagements on your recent posts and very little page followers, they will be leery in the credibility and legitimacy of your company. Most likely resulting in the loss of that cold lead.

How We Will Benefit You

Whether you are looking for traffic to your online blog or increased sales to your store (brick and mortar or e-commerce), our marketing strategies will be able to meet the needs your company is looking for. You will be able to choose your monthly ad spend so that you can feel most comfortable with your investment. With that being said, we do recommend a minimum monthly ad spend of $500 to generate leads. This works out to roughly $15 per day, which is where Facebook's algorithm is able optimize your ad for guaranteed results. Anything more than this amount will be better optimized and produce more results, or allow for more advertisements to run at the same time for faster results, or to promote different products. If you are wanting to increase your social presence and engagement on your page, this is where you can truly choose your daily/monthly ad spend. By letting us help you with social media marketing, we will guarantee increased engagement and leads for your company!
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