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Are you just starting out, or looking for a low-cost / affordable solution to advertise your company, services and/or products online? The GoMax Website Solutions Junior Package could be a perfect fit. The package includes a domain name (www.yourcompany.com for example), website hosting for the year and the WordPress CMS platform to make managing your website a breeze. All of this is served from our Canadian based data centre that incorporates top-end security practices to keep everything safe.

Domain Name

Having a custom domain name will allow you to separate your business from the competition. Choosing a domain name that is catchy and easy to remember will provide attractiveness and credibility to your website and your company, while increasing your web traffic and ranking inside of search engines such as Google. We highly recommend promoting your domain name on all of your social media posts, email correspondence, print material, and any other location where potential clients might see it.


All websites need to be hosted on a web server that is directly connected to the Internet. It is the web server that processes incoming viewer requests over the Internet, allowing the outside world to view your website. When you use GoMax Website Solutions to build & host your website, we take care of the technical aspects with the web server so that your startup process is as simple as possible.

WordPress CMS

By using the WordPress CMS, you will be able to make changes to your website from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. GoMax Website Solutions includes a Paid license to the BeTheme collection of themes which provide a huge library of themes to use as a starting point in developing your new site. These themes look awesome already and for the most part just require your own photos and text content to be added in. Your options are not limited to just the BeTheme collection, there are thousands of other themes readily available to choose from if you prefer to select on of your own. ** Additional costs may be associated in selected another theme outside of the BeTheme collection.

Top End Security

The team behind the WordPress CMS system are constantly improving the platform ensuring it remains safe and secure. Hand-crafted (also called 'Custom') websites are usually riddled with coding issues that expose your site to the hackers for exploiting. WordPress is ahead of the curve here and fixes issues before most people even know about them. GoMax Website Solutions incorporates SSL encryption for all websites, and also utilizes server level security practices to ensure rock-solid performance and security.

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