What makes GoMax better?

  • Rock Solid dependable hosting with lightning fast loading
  • WordPress CMS - Powers over 30% of the internet
  • Professional theme options
  • Cost Effective & Performance Driven
  • Quick turn-around
  • Fanatical support

Top 5 reasons why a WordPress site is the best choice:

1) Easy to Use from Anywhere

One of the best benefits to using WordPress is how it allows you to make changes yourself from anywhere. As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you can update your website and/or blog.

2) 100% Customizable

WordPress themes already look awesome and in most cases all you need to do is supply your images and text content for each page. However, if you want to make custom changes to design to layout, it's relatively easy with the built in editor tools.

3) Better Search Engine Placement

Hand-crafted websites are usually full of coding errors in structure, or navigational problems that cause issues when the search engines try to index websites. WordPress takes care of all of this ensuring better results as all of the top search engines love WordPress websites.

4) Grows with you

Sites built using the WordPress platform are very scalable. You can add additional pages and blog posts as often as you like and the performance will not deteriorate at all.

5) Constantly updated for security

The team behind the WordPress engine are constantly improving the platform ensuring it remains safe and secure. Hand-crafted (also called 'Custom') websites are usually riddled with coding issues that expose your site to the hackers for exploiting. WordPress is ahead of the curve here and fixes issues before most people even know about them.

Canadian Data Centre

GoMax Website Solutions uses Canada's top data centre located in Montreal.

Enterprise Servers

Your website will never be located on over-sold servers that result in slow performance. We only use Enterprise level servers for top-notch performance and reliability.

WordPress CMS

Your site will utilize the worlds most popular Content Management System called WordPress.

Reliable & Secure

GoMax incorporates real-time system monitoring to ensure any outages are instantly detected and resolved. Our history and track record guarantees 99.99% uptime. Your WordPress website will be regularly updated with all security patches as a valued added service!


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